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Cordoba founder Peter McDonnell pursued a highly successful career in sales management and asset finance for 20 years. He became Sales Director for GE Capital before joining the board of Blue Arrow, the UK’s leading recruitment and staffing agency, as Director of Strategic Development.

Peter launched the Cordoba Group in 2002 as a service for excellence in sales and workforce management. Since launch, Cordoba has worked with leading organisations across the UK, supporting their Sales and HR teams.

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A formula for success

Since launch, the Cordoba team created many strategies for sales and people management, supported by programmes for assessment and development. Our skills and capabilities include sales innovation and advice on all aspects of managing people for success.

We call it Human Performance Improvement.  Finding the right people for each role.  Structuring teams and making sure the organisation is an attractive place to work.  Understanding individual strengths and what motivates people to ‘go the extra mile’.

How people are rewarded is at the heart of success in performance improvement.  From this understanding, Cordoba Rewards was launched in 2011 to provide a powerful tool for motivation, loyalty and advocacy.

Rewards online

Cordoba Rewards is a unique, proprietary platform built over five years to meet one aim: managing reward schemes simply, flexibly and efficiently. The system is cloud based and operates alongside existing systems, working easily on smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs.

Cordoba Rewards technology will improve staff motivation and build advocacy.  A loyalty programme that reaches out to the people in your team (or your customers’ teams) and rewards their efforts.

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