Staff Motivation In The Digital World

By Christina Ng, May 9, 2016

When technology is used correctly, it works very well in the modern era. The same goes for staff motivation and building advocacy in the digital world, if you know when, what and how to reward your employees, the little extra boost of motivation could provide surprisingly great results.

It is time we put aside the traditional way of motivating employees and start exploring on rewarding staff in the digital world. Gift cards and physical vouchers are good, but let’s take a closer look into rewarding staff with points that are usable online instead.

Online rewards allows you to have access to a huge number of products, it is a flexible reward scheme that enables you to share praise across the company and teams. The best part is that the user has the choice to use the given points whenever and wherever by just accessing their individual online platform account.


High Street vs Online Shopping

Going out to the high streets shopping the tangible is of course irreplaceable, it can also be considered as a therapy for some people. Although, being able to reward staff and channel partners online is just as convenient, as they can make their shopping decisions from the comfort of their own sofa.