The Value Of Employee Engagement

By Christina Ng, June 2, 2016


Why is employee engagement important?

Employee engagement can be the key to success for your business, it is important that we focus on employees values and needs. Organisations best assets are the people and our ability to enable them to innovate, and working close with them can offer benefits to both and individual collective level.

Happy and productive people work harder towards growth and development.

Creating the conditions for all members of your team to give their best can contribute to innovative projects and ways of thinking, to deeper commitment and greater possibilities of reaching your goals.

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Employees who feel engaged with their organisation tend to:

  • Be more effective and willing to offer more
  • Be creative with new ideas that are expressed easily
  • Feel part of a team with common goals
  • Reinforce and support one another
  • Feel proud and loyal to their employers
  • Be motivated to go to work every day with less sick leaves
  • Be excited about the future of the organisation and put in greater offer to help meet its objectives
  • Feel proud and loyal to their organisation and are inspired to do their best
  • Be productive and offer more of their capability and potentials.

Never forget though that generating engagement is not always an easy process, it requires time and a spirit of organisation’s engagement to its employees’ effort!

How to engage employees?

  • Get to know your people
  • Recognise your employees
  • Encourage and reward positive behaviours
  • Support and inspire your people to the highest level of performance
  • Be supportive on their career development
  • Promote and support teamwork and create a sense of belonging
  • Listen to what they say and keep a record of their feedback and considerations
  • Focus on the employee skill set and make their daily responsibilities more challenging and attractive
  • Be open to new ideas and ways of working
  • Reward your employees and consider of staff benefits